Proc. Combust. Inst. Papers

Papers from the Proceedings of the Combustion Institute have official biblographical information now…

SciTech Recap

The Lasers and Fluids Group presented four papers at AIAA SciTech in San Diego. One from Tim described the effects of turbulent mixing on thermo-chemical states. Keishi presented both his paper of physically-constrained velocimetry algorithms and Penelope’s paper on combustor stability. Dr. Chris Arndt from DLR presented on the stability of an enthanol fueled swirl flame that we studied last summer.

Dr. Penelope Kwong!

Congratulations to Penelope for the successful defense of her Doctoral Thesis entitled “Effect of Nozzle-Nozzle Interaction on Lean Flame Transitions in a Multi-Swirler Combustor”!

We now have a Twitter account for some reason.

In case you want lab updates.

Two months in Niskayuna and they lived to tell the tale.

After a long and grueling two month experimental campaign at GE Global Research Center, Mitchell and Tim have returned relatively unscathed and with a mass of data. Time to get processing!

A belated congratulations to Ben Luymes and Askar Kazbekov… they graduated!

Askar and Ben completed their MASc degrees in September. Ben is off to Montreal to work for Pratt & Whitney on turbomachinery aerodynamics, while Askar is joining me in Atlanta to pursue a PhD.

Qiang’s Combustion and Flame paper is published!

Qiang just published his second Combustion and Flame paper on the dynamics of swirl flames. Another great contribution!

The role of strain rate, local extinction, and hydrodynamic instability on transition between attached and lifted swirl flames

Another Symposium (and turbulent combustion workshop) come and gone.

Another Combustion Symposium has come and gone… great time in Dublin. Two papers are now published in the Proceedings of the Combustion Institute (see below).

Auto-ignition of near-ambient temperature H2/air mixtures during flame-vortex interaction
Structural response of different Lewis number premixed flames interacting with a toroidal vortex

Prof. Steinberg also presented a review of highly turbulent combustion at a joint TNF/PTF session. The slides are available here: PTF_TNF_2018_master_reduce.

Congratulations to Penelope and Ben… ASME presentations and papers published!

Penelope and Ben presented their papers at ASME Turbo Expo in Oslo this July! Both papers were accepted for journal publication and are available here:

Influence of Blade Loading Profile on Wake Dynamics in High-Pressure Turbine Cascades

Blowoff and Reattachment Dynamics of a Linear Multinozzle Combustor

Congratulations to Askar, Chris, and Qiang on their AIAA Presentations!

Askar, Chris, and Qiang presented papers at the AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum in Cincinnati this July.